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Almost all your questions answered

General questions

An ERP (for Enterprise Resource Planning) or in French PGI (Progiciel de Gestion Intégré) is a set of functional management applications centralized in a single complex system that can be extremely beneficial to the profitability of a company.

The vocation of an ERP is to standardize the Information System of the company with a single tool which is able to cover a wide perimeter of management, that is to say:

  • The management of purchases
  • The management of sales
  • The accounting management : accounts receivable, supplier, fixed assets, personnel
  • The management control
  • The production management (planning, …)
  • The inventory management (logistics)

Very good question! The advantages offered by an ERP in the Cloud in SAAS mode are very numerous, we will only mention a few, here is the list:


  • First, cloud ERP requires! no installation! First, cloud ERP requires no installation! On your device, this will save you not only the complexity of software installation procedures but also the material and infrastructure (servers, modems, etc.),this type of program, finally Came to exempt you from all maintenance costs, equipment replacement, etc. .
  • Then, ERP in the cloud in SAAS (Software as a Service) mode allows you to manage your data from anywhere! wherever you are! And from any device connected to the Internet (via a web browser).

Today, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential tool for any type of business and structure: VSE/SMEs, Freelancers, Self Entrepreneurs, Contractors or Associations. 

ERP in the Cloud in SAAS mode (Software as a Service) allows you to have secure access 24 hours a day, via a unique sub-domain name configured on our data center. The rates charged are calculated according to the services provided, and justified to ensure the proper functioning of the services provided which require a combination of human/material resources, in particular: domain names, servers, maintenance, labor, etc. .

It's easy, initial disk space is calculated based on the source files your ERP requires, as well as the data files you use in your ERP.

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