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ITG Maroc


is a registered trademark of ILG MOROCCO.

ITG MAROC is a consulting and service department specializing in ERP integration. We offer our customers a complete consulting, analysis, integration and maintenance service, while remaining focused on their needs.


Our mission is to help each of our clients to computerize and digitize their activity. We support you in the design of your projects by offering you all the means necessary for your success.


ITG Morocco supports you in integrating the right dose of digital and IT into your business and thus accelerating the development of your business.


We prefer strong support in order to create a solid and lasting relationship with our clients and partners. Nearby, specially designed. Quality is one of our main values.

we accompany

our customers during all the stages of realization of the solutions which we propose.

We put

at the disposal of our customers a team of highly qualified engineers to meet their requirements.

We work with our following customers

a transparent and reliable working method:

· Needs analysis and feasibility study.

· Identification and drafting of project specifications.

· General and detailed design of the project.

· Project implementation.

· Development of tests (unit, integration and validation).

· Verification of the conformity of the project to the specifications.

· Production and maintenance.

· Support and Training.

· Functional user support.

One of the key factors of its success lies in the team of experts that make up the agency. Company on a human scale, ITG MAROC bets on the values and strengths of each to highlight their potential for the benefit of our customers.

We make all our know-how and expertise available to respond to our customers as accurately as possible.
The technical challenge is the keystone of our work: we like to be challenged to meet sometimes complex needs, which are the soul of our daily lives.

As close as possible to our customers, we confront their real problems and respond to them with advice and technology.
However, we like the simplicity of the relationship between our clients and the agency. We prioritize a reliable and honest relationship, without compromising on objectives, all in a good mood allowing a simple and direct link.

We like to take pleasure in what we develop, and we fully assume it!

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